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WolkAbout and X-LOGIC Partner to Bring Things to Life

WolkAbout and X-LOGIC Partner to Bring Things to Life

We’ve got some great news! Laser-focused on bringing the best possible value to our future clients, we’re pleased to announce a brand new technology partnership with X-LOGIC - R&D company dedicated to providing the most advantageous and cost-effective hardware, firmware and software solutions.

How the Partnership between WolkAbout and X-LOGIC Accelerates IoT Development

By combining WolkAbout IoT Platform and the high-quality, custom-built hardware designed by X-LOGIC, we can provide our clients with end-to-end solutions and enable them to easily and quickly integrate the power of IoT into their business.

One of the results of this collaboration is the development of LoRa gateway which will be connected directly to WolkAbout IoT Platform, thus providing a chance for fast and safe prototyping and getting your IoT solution to the market faster.

“X-LOGIC is very excited to announce the partnership with WolkAbout. We believe that this partnership will strengthen our ties in offering IoT state-of-the-art solution. WolkAbout IoT Platform will integrate X-LOGIC’s IoT products, thus forming complete IoT solution that will help end users transform and grow their business.”, says Zdenko Marinčić, Managing Director at X-LOGIC.

Learn More About WolkAbout and X-LOGIC

X-LOGIC was founded by a group of professionals with vast experience in the field of professional electronic, telecommunication, facility management, electrical and mechanical engineering. They are experts in the field of hardware and embedded software development mainly focusing on the IoT and M2M systems and components.

WolkAbout is an IoT company with its main product, IoT application enablement platform. With WolkAbout IoT Platform, companies get the proven technology to develop powerful IoT applications and digitally transform their business.

We believe that our collaboration with X-LOGIC will significantly improve the value we bring to our clients.

Get Hands-On Experience with WolkAbout!

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