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WolkAbout and Prime Vision Collaboration Brings Logistics Innovation to Life

WolkAbout and Prime Vision Collaboration Brings Logistics Innovation to Life

WolkAbout and Prime Vision announce collaboration to accelerate innovation in the postal and logistics industry.


Today, we are happy to announce an innovation partnership between WolkAbout and Prime Vision that will result in a “better together” solution. By using industry-grade WolkAbout IoT Platform and the Prime Vision’s extensive expertise, the companies will build a highly-productive IoT strategy aimed at empowering postal and logistics industry, therefore simplifying and optimising mail and parcel automation and delivery.

Eddy Thans, CEO of Prime Vision, points out: “Prime Vision is pleased to announce the establishment of another strategic partnership in the area of IoT with WolkAbout. The teams from both sides are jointly developing an open, independent and scalable enterprise IoT platform for the postal & logistics industry. Prime Vision, known for her proven track record in handling over 800 million data transactions per day, will bundle forces with IoT platform expert WolkAbout in order to meet increasing industry demand.”

About Prime Vision

Prime Vision is a Dutch company which specialises in systems integration, automation, processing and recognition solutions for the international postal, warehousing, logistics and airport markets. Their solutions and integration skills offer clients considerable added-value, whether it is reducing costs, increasing efficiency, implementing new services or optimising operations.

About WolkAbout

WolkAbout is an IoT company with its main product, IoT application enablement platform. With WolkAbout IoT Platform, companies get the proven technology to develop powerful IoT applications and digitally transform their business.

In the Meantime

If you would like to hear more about how WolkAbout can help digitise your processes and bring your business to new heights, feel free to contact us at any time.


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