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Enabling Industrial Automation with WolkAbout Modbus Module

Enabling Industrial Automation with WolkAbout Modbus Module

Being aware of the critical importance of Modbus in this new industrial era, we created WolkGateway Modbus Module - a library that enables easy and straightforward communication between Modbus devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform.

To enable straightforward communication between devices, manufacturers need to incorporate a robust communication protocol into their equipment. One of the simplest and widely accepted protocols is Modbus - the grandfather of industrial networking.

About Modbus

Modbus Protocol, a messaging structure developed by Modicon in 1979, is used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between smart devices. It is a de facto standard, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the field of industrial automation. It has been implemented by hundreds of vendors on thousands of different devices to transfer discrete/analogue I/O and route data between control devices.

Modbus is used in multiple master-slave applications to:

  • monitor and program devices
  • communicate between smart devices, sensors and instruments
  • monitor field devices using PCs and HMIs

Modbus is also an ideal protocol for RTU applications where wireless communication is required. For this reason, it is used in a number of smart manufacturing solutions. But Modbus is not only an industrial protocol. Its benefits are also evident in the building, agriculture, transportation and energy applications.

WolkAbout Modbus Module

WolkAbout IoT Platform is easily integrated with a wide variety of sensors and controllers. It brings connectivity to both modern and legacy machines and tools, allowing you to tap into data, streamline manufacturing operations and leverage production capacity.

To give you more insight and control over your Modbus devices, WolkAbout created WolkGatewayModule-Modbus library. This library was made as a module for our gateway that enables Modbus devices to communicate with WolkAbout IoT Platform.

WolkAbout Modbus Module

WolkGatewayModule-Modbus library supports communication with Modbus devices via Ethernet known as Modbus TCP/IP as well as serial communication with one (RS-232) or multiple Modbus slave devices (RS-485) called Modbus RTU.

In the Meantime

Check out our Hackster project and see how you can remotely control stepper motors via WolkAbout IoT Platform using WolkGatewayModule-Modbus!

Contact us to find out more details about WolkAbout IoT Platform.


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