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Use WolkConnector-Python Package with the Python Package Index

Use WolkConnector-Python Package with the Python Package Index

Python is a widely available and easy to use general purpose programming language. The currently developed version Python 3 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Python 3 comes preinstalled on several major Linux distributions and is also included in Linux based operating systems for single board computers like the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard, making them ideal candidates for your next IoT project.

Python libraries are thriving - PyPI, the Python Package Index dramatically increases the productivity of programmers by giving them the option to skip a few steps and use already-established functions in their own code.

This is why WolkAbout has made its WolkConnector-Python library available as a package on the PyPI, allowing you to start developing your IoT solution even faster than before.

To install the package on your device, simply run the following command in your terminal:

pip3 install wolk-connect

Read the project’s description on PyPI to get acquainted with the basic usage of the package.

Check out our simple example to see how to quickly start publishing data to WolkAbout IoT Platform from your computer.


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