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Why Should Santa Pick WolkAbout to Improve Gift Delivery?

Why Should Santa Pick WolkAbout to Improve Gift Delivery?

This Christmas, we’re helping the dearest customer of all, magical Santa, to step into the digital age.

With a holiday season knocking on our door, kids all over the world are anxiously wondering whether they have been naughty or nice throughout the year. Why? Well, Santa, a jolly bringer of gifts, is making a list to determine who’s been good or bad. And, he’s checking it twice.

But, keep in mind that although Santa is magical, he still has to face a huge challenge each year - he needs to deliver gifts to millions of little ones across the globe in just one day. And, let’s face it - he’s not getting any younger (FUN FACT: Did you know that Santa is 1748 years old?).

So, led by our Christmas spirit, we thought it would be a good idea to use our innovative technology to help Santa transform his operations in the digital age!

Here are a few fun ways Santa could get a technology upgrade in his one around-the-planet journey.

Smart Factory

Ever since Santa started his joyful business, his little helpers - the elves - have had to rely on their very skilled and knowledgeable workforce to maintain the line. It doesn’t make it to the news very often, but every year near Christmas, they get a bit cranky, due to the incredible workload and over-hours it takes to create all those presents on time.

Luckily, with the rise of smart factories powered by leading technologies (like our WolkAbout IoT Platform), different parts of the assembly line could start communicating with each other in real time, allowing elves to streamline operations and focus on what matters.

For instance, condition-based maintenance would allow them to make informed decisions in a timely manner. Real-time data would provide the elves with insights into what glitch to repair on machinery before it becomes a major problem and how to assemble the presents without any delay (no more one-legged dolls!).

Also, by having continuous monitoring of the metrics that matter the most (like performance, availability and downtime), elves could receive valuable data on their mobile phones, identify bottlenecks in real-time and ensure that gift production is running smoothly.

In a nutshell, smart factories would provide elves with more intelligence, allowing them to make data-driven decisions for maintenance planning, spare part or inventory planning, and similar. As a result, Santa’s factory could reduce equipment downtime and overall equipment effectiveness.

This would save them a lot of time and keep things under control when things start heating up amid holiday frenzy. And this means fewer complaint letters from the elves (and burnout syndromes). A happy Christmas is guaranteed.

Smart Present Allocation and Delivery

Above all, Santa needs to make sure that each gift is delivered to the right address. This is where the Naughty vs. Nice algorithm plays a major role.

Namely, many kids tend to improve significantly in late December and earn their way to the Nice list. This makes changes to the process of the present allocation. To be able to keep track of all the changes, Santa needs to be agile and have more proof of delivery for any challenges that may come up.

Digital technologies could help Santa leverage real-time operational and sensor data to manage gifts throughout their lifecycle, as well as historical data to forecast requirements (no more waiting for the Nice list to begin the assembly process!).

By using digital asset tracking services fueled by our Platform, Santa would be able to keep track of all the gifts by monitoring their live location and movements. Also, he would know the exact status and health of all the packages in real time (nobody wants a broken toy, right?!).

Santa’s Smart Journey

Can you imagine what Santa’s magical journey would look like if IoT powered it? From the flight mechanism and air traffic to route conditions and kids’ bedtime, there are many factors that Santa and his helpers need to take into account before setting off. For example, the sleigh equipped with sensors, smart gateways and connectivity could gather and send data on actual conditions to our Platform deployed in the Elf datacenter (Santa likes his data to stay on-premises!). This would allow elves to do an in-depth analysis and make necessary fixes on time.

Also, by collecting distance and performance data, they could maintain sleighs more efficiently or allow for presents to be loaded more easily. When it comes to route optimisation, WolkAbout IoT Platform could deliver insights on weather and air traffic in real time. This way, Santa could know whether risky storms are approaching and ensure chimneys are passable before entering into the house.

And, most importantly, a sleep-monitoring system would allow him to know in which houses children are asleep so that he can ensure smooth delivery of presents to all the munchkins during the night.


  • Providing live insights into machinery status and health by powering the existing manufacturing system with industry-grade WolkAbout IoT Platform
  • Smart present allocation and on-time delivery powered by digital asset tracking
  • Maintaining sleighs more easily, optimising route and providing insights into weather and air traffic conditions through smart supply chain management

Laser-focused on helping our customers dive into a new digital age with ease, we are ready to think through the art of possible and help the most challenging customer of all - magical Santa. With WolkAbout’s state of the art technology, we’re in no doubt that the only thing Santa would have to worry about is how to deliver the best gift to every kid on the planet.

If Santa Can Make Digitalisation Happen, So Can You!

Let us all enjoy the blissful holiday season and get ready for new victories in 2020! Happy holidays from all of us here at WolkAbout! May your digital journey come true!

And, what IoT magic will you be working on next year?


If you are still wondering how we would help Santa spice up his magic with digital technologies, check out the solutions we have to offer, and reach out to us.


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