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WolkAbout and Vemotion Partner To Bring the Power of High-Quality Video to the IoT

WolkAbout and Vemotion Partner To Bring the Power of High-Quality Video to the IoT

To offer more significant value to our clients and help them unlock the potential of IoT, we need to innovate, accelerate and surround ourselves with the right partners who share the same vision and are willing to achieve new levels of success together with us. That’s why our network of partners keeps expanding.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have joined our forces with another big IoT player, Vemotion - specialists in live, real-time video compression and transmission over distributed networks. Vemotion offers a wide range of both hardware and software options, providing clients with a fit for purpose, cost-effective solution for their live video transmission needs.

How Does the WolkAbout-Vemotion Collaboration Power Industrial IoT solutions?

Our WolkAbout IoT Platform allows users to easily connect, manage, monitor and control different devices and apps across businesses.

Currently, a large amount of data collected by the networks of smart sensors are stored on the server and are easily accessible via WolkAbout web and mobile apps from anywhere and anytime. The integration with Vemotion would enable us to gather and store video material, create rules on top of it and ultimately bring the customer experience to a whole new level.

This collaboration would provide our clients with an easy visualisation of video material which they would then use to make smarter decisions, streamline the processes and triumph in their business efforts.

Learn More about Vemotion and WolkAbout

Vemotion Interactive Ltd is a privately-owned company founded in 2002. With a reputation for innovation in mobile video services, they were the first company to broadcast live TV services to mobile devices over GPRS 15 years ago. Since then, Vemotion has continued to develop specialist low bandwidth video compression solutions for a range of markets including homeland security and defence, critical national infrastructure, transportation and many more.

WolkAbout is an IoT company with its main product, IoT application enablement platform. With WolkAbout IoT Platform, companies get the proven technology to develop powerful IoT applications and digitally transform their business.

We believe that collaboration with Vemotion will provide us with an out-of-the-box answer to the challenges of getting live video from a to b and allow our clients to gain better insight into the valuable data which they then can use to fuel their growth.


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