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Structure of a Typical IoT Solution

Structure of a Typical IoT Solution

As you strategize about how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain competitive advantage, the first item on your task list must be understanding all of the pieces of the IoT puzzle. Successfully connected solutions must integrate entire ecosystem in a way that results in a simple, seamless, and cohesive experience for users in order to fully capitalise on the opportunity IoT presents. This task is easier said than done, since planning and building an IoT architecture differs from solution to solution. However, there are some commonalities between IoT solutions which allow us to make certain assumptions in terms of what a generic, methodological approach could look like. Having this information from the outset will help you make informed decisions about what pieces of the puzzle you can or want to own, and how you want all of the pieces to fit together to facilitate the seamless collection and use of your device data to meet your unique business needs.

In order to build any IoT solution; first, you would need to connect your HARDWARE device to the platform over the Internet. Since WolkAbout IoT Platform is hardware agnostic, you can connect any device that suits your solution without requiring any special adaptations, whether you have various sensors, gateways, wearables, smartphones, or industrial PCs, machines, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, etc.

It is also necessary to establish and maintain a secure and fault-tolerant CONNECTION between the platform and the edge devices, to collect and aggregate data and manage the device. Whether you’re connecting an existing product, designing an IoT-enabled product from scratch or adapting a previously IoT-enabled product, WolkAbout IoT Platform provides API abstraction and functions to help you connect your hardware device.

Then, you would need to develop an APPLICATION, a software which visualises data, manages devices and adds value to the data. WolkAbout offers open APIs and libraries to develop apps that can securely control and manage your devices. You are then able to focus on your apps and let WolkAbout carry the systems, security, and communications, so you can save valuable development time and forget about IT infrastructure cost, problems and scalability issues.

And finally, to make it all work, you would also need a PLATFORM that has the capabilities to support all of your users and devices as you scale. WolkAbout IoT Platform is a suite of backend software and databases engineered to be highly secure, scalable and reliable package, entirely independent from the third-party cloud services. It exists independently between the hardware and the application layers of the IoT technology stack. We like to call it an IoT application enablement platform since it is an integral part and the major software nexus that brings everything together in the overall IoT infrastructure.

As could be read, under IoT solution structure we are not talking just about a gateway, or a Wi-Fi connection, or just a platform, and not even about applications. It all has to seamlessly work together as a complete entity, and it has to be configurable to suit the needs of any particular business.



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