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Shaping the Guest Experience with IoT Applications

Shaping the Guest Experience with IoT Applications

When we look at how technology is changing every aspect of our lives, we plainly recognise every business need for adapting to evolve market dynamics. The hospitality industry is no exception, since travelling has become a significant segment of our everyday business and leisure lives. Experts say that now is the optimal time to make hotels smarter, not only so hoteliers can realise the promise of high ROI, but to enable the “wow” experiences that lead to repeat visits and positive reviews.

Hoteliers have a great challenge - to stand out while facing fierce competition. Guest expectations are higher than ever; they want excellent and customised service to go along with a cosy bed to sleep in at night. They enjoy a memorable experience, not just because of the unique style or ambience of the hotel, but also because of the seamless flow of information that enhances every aspect of their visit.

Nowadays, most of the hotels are implementing traditional guest experience campaigns that include event schedules, on-site signage, and presentation of local attractions to gain positive guest experiences that will differentiate them from the competition. However, these tactics don’t provide personalised service nor deliver the right fit to the right guest at the right time. Those that understand the demands of today are beginning to explore the potential of the Internet of Things. The hospitality industry has a great potential for increasing profit and decreasing expenses by integrating IoT technologies into their everyday operations. By leveraging collected data about guest behaviour and preferences, hotels can deliver highly personalised messages to the guest, at just the right moment in every step of the guest’s journey - from personalised cards and activity recommendations to loyalty program rewards and operational alerts.

WolkAbout IoT Platform provides a way for hoteliers to differentiate by giving them a future-proof core upon which they can easily establish their smart hotel. What are the use cases in which WolkAbout IoT Platform could help hoteliers gain competitive advantage and be ready for tomorrow’s technology demands – today?

Building/Guest Room Automation

IoT-enabled devices connected to the WolkAbout IoT Platform are able to communicate the state of the hotel systems (ex. elevators or HVAC system). Furthermore, sensor data stored on the platform could be used to recognise problems and alert the appropriate maintenance personnel before the issue escalates.

Environmental Monitoring

WolkAbout IoT Platform enables real-time monitoring of environmental factors that affect guests, such as room temperature or humidity. Besides heating and cooling monitoring and control, a sound detector could listen for and proactively report the location of loud noises that could be disturbing for the guests.

Energy Management

WolkAbout IoT Platform includes features which enable monitoring and control of lighting and heating, as well as hot water and power socket usage. For example, an IoT-enabled system could automatically adjust the temperature and lighting when a guestroom is unoccupied to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, WolkAbout IoT Platform could increase the level of guest satisfaction by allowing them to adjust the temperature using hotel applications integrated into the platform, all without leaving the bed.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology will open up new frontiers for hospitality market to implement innovative solutions, improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency. It will further create differentiation and build a positive brand image on the market while cutting down costs. WolkAbout IoT Platform can power up this digital transformation and help in ensuring the hotel feels more like the guest’s home away from home.


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