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Prototyping the IoT Experiences with WolkAbout IoT Platform

Prototyping the IoT Experiences with WolkAbout IoT Platform

Developing smart and connected products can represent risk at many levels. Among others, it includes the race against time and money to get the products to a production phase, as it is necessary to take the ideas out there quickly to check if they are valid. At first, the initial stage requires creating minimal functionality so that a product can be tested at an early stage. This way, the development team can determine whether they are heading in the right direction at the beginning of the process. It is essential to verify that hardware can operate correctly or that sensors can return data accurately. Lastly, during the prototyping phase, developers can check if the gathered data are useful and if they have the right purpose – to generate valuable insights and to allow predictions.

Given the risk and uncertainty, the rapid IoT prototyping is crucial in reducing costs and time-to-market. These are some of the reasons that confirm how and why the prototyping is mandatory:

  • Prototyping enables testing out the product design. Physical prototype, along with virtual simulation and image rendering, is an obligatory part of the design stage, providing the unique opportunity to see how the final product will appear.
  • Prototyping is proved to be valuable during the development stage. This phase usually requires various changes, so the iterations give the chance to make a series of necessary modifications before the final product is delivered.
  • Prototyping is also used for testing software or firmware interactions that could affect the final product. For instance, they can help in identifying potential conflict areas of the product related to the location of the Bluetooth antenna.
  • In the end, prototypes can be used as a promotional tool. Whether it is a product presentation to a potential customer or an internal company showcase; it is an excellent opportunity to see the product coming to life and get useful feedback.

Demand for rolling out new connected products at a record pace without incurring costs, forfeiting too many resources or scheduling overruns requires an IoT platform that facilitates continuous iteration so that developers can turn new ideas into value-driving IoT applications. WolkAbout recognises this growing need for the IoT prototyping. Through its newest and free instance of the Platform (version 2.0), it enables makers, ranging from DIY amateurs to big companies, to test and prototype connected solutions and then rapidly move from development to production. WolkAbout IoT Platform allows a fast prototyping process with a smooth deployment of any hardware and secure handling of their data. This way, developers can focus on the essential parts of what they are trying to achieve with an IoT deployment, namely, sensing or interfacing with physical devices and exposing the gathered data in systems that allow making the right business decisions. WolkAbout IoT Platform provides API abstractions and functions, open source libraries and visual tools to help developers connect any hardware device, as well as the expertise to get them up and running quickly, securely and at scale. In this way, IoT makers don’t have to buy or maintain any infrastructure, and they can start prototyping and deploying the IoT applications much faster - required time is reduced from a matter of weeks or months to mere hours.

As referred to earlier, IoT prototyping is an inevitable phase of the development process that saves both resources and money. It ensures the best integration of components with software, firmware and hardware to take the best possible output to the market. WolkAbout IoT Platform, as a core of such an IoT solution, as it enables fast and easy deployment of devices, proper and secure managing of their data, as well as facilitating product adjustments based on observed behaviour before locking in a solution.

Accelerate your IoT journey by creating a free account on WolkAbout IoT Platform and start building smart products that will unlock the full potential of the connected world.


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