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Digital Transformation: No Longer Nice to Have — It's a Strategic Necessity

Digital Transformation: No Longer Nice to Have — It's a Strategic Necessity

The Internet of Things has come a long way from a concept of a network of smart devices discussed back in the nineties, to connecting all things to the Internet, thus enabling the society and the industry to benefit from the data processing power and the speed of the modern era.

Although the IoT is still in its infancy and the technology standards are evolving, the benefits are rather impressive - all value chains are being disrupted, radically altering the way organisations use technology, shape processes and create a customer value. IoT is surely becoming the backbone of the future customer value, and for an increasing number of businesses, it is rapidly moving from a nice-to-have technology to a strategic necessity. In the near future, companies will either have to tell their customers that they are doing things the old-fashioned way, or they will become IoT-ready and start providing solutions that will enable total connectivity, saving time, money, and resources.

From a perspective of an old-fashioned SME, or an innovation leader, the digital transformation engaging process implies the investment, change of a mindset, and incremental cultural transition. It raises different questions, ranging from an in-house development versus buying, types of the available platforms, ownership over the solution, scalability, to the ease of connecting devices, and many more. Attention to these factors can make a difference between a smooth deployment and the one plagued by lengthy and costly delays.

With a significant experience in the field, and following the Customer Development Model, WolkAbout has developed an IoT Application Enablement Platform to help companies address these complexities and execute their digital transformation agenda. As a foundation of any IoT application, it helps companies implement solutions that fill the gap between the capability to collect data and the capacity to seize, analyse, and act on it. By doing so, companies are able to see and control every aspect of their ecosystem through a single application, and even more important, they can focus on their use case rather than on wiring various platform components.

Developed from scratch, with the ability to integrate any device, any protocol and any application, WolkAbout IoT Platform helps organisations control, innovate and have a complete ownership of their business ecosystem.


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