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Digital Transformation Made Simple with WolkAbout

Digital Transformation Made Simple with WolkAbout

How to Make the Journey from Idea to Revenue Smoother and Faster?

You want to create business value from the IoT, but don’t know where and how to start? There are so many questions you will come across when starting your digital transformation journey.

So, let’s see what factors you need to focus on before you embark on your digitalisation.

What Makes the Digital Transformation Journey So Complex? Where Do Companies Get Stuck?

To deliver excellence on this business endeavour, you need to:

  1. Make sure your systems and devices communicate with each other, regardless of the make, model, manufacturer or industry
  2. Integrate new IoT capabilities with the existing system easily
  3. Build custom web and mobile application that suit your end-users
  4. Speed up the time to reach proof of concept
  5. Predict the costs and optimise spending

Cracking the Code

To reduce the technical complexity of your IoT deployment you need to focus on an IoT platform that keeps things simple for you.

WolkAbout IoT Platform is built from the ground up to give you a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to build, update and effectively manage and maintain your IoT solution. It helps you gain full control over your digitalisation.

To help you prepare for what awaits you in the IoT, this article examines the challenges faced by companies and highlights five ways WolkAbout IoT Platform has simplified IoT to help you overcome these challenges across use-cases.

So, let’s dive right in.

Challenge #1

Make sure your systems and devices communicate with each other, regardless of the make, model, manufacturer or industry - The exponential growth of connectivity associated with IoT has the potential to improve our lives substantially. However, the IoT market is fragmented as different proprietary platforms and systems are still not able to talk with each other. Each solution provides its own IoT infrastructure, APIs, communication protocols and data formats leading to interoperability issues like vendor lock-in or difficulty in plugging non-interoperable IoT devices into different IoT platforms. This is why interoperability plays a major role in making IoT technology emerge at a large scale in future and should be a priority when making the first steps on your digital transformation journey.

WolkAbout Solution

Device-, Protocol-, Network- and Infrastructure-Agnostic Technology

To help you unlock the true potential of IoT, WolkAbout IoT Platform lets you connect any device, with any communication protocol over any network and feed data into the public or private cloud or in-house servers. Plus, you can deploy the Platform as a multi-layered hybrid.

By incorporating uniform SDKs and connectivity libraries into the device firmware, and through integration with connectivity platforms, WolkAbout IoT Platform becomes compatible with a variety of devices regardless of their manufacturer and technical specifications. All SDKs offer the same set of functionalities, each in its own programming language and they aim to simplify the connection and communication between devices and the Platform.

Challenge #2

Integrate new IoT capabilities with the existing system - Despite a wide variety of IoT platforms on today’s market (and the number is still growing), none of them can offer production-ready components tailored to all typical industrial use cases. That’s why openness to customisation should be a crucial factor in selecting an IoT platform. This enables you to customise the entire IoT solution in ways that make sense for your business case.

WolkAbout Solution

Openness to Customisation

The modular architecture is what makes WolkAbout IoT Platform so flexible and extensible. From device connectivity to data monitoring and visualisation, all modules can be added, removed and updated independently. This enables sizing of the Platform servers from embedded environments up to cloud infrastructures. Also, you can extend the capabilities of the Platform by adding new functionalities and augmenting it with add-ons and plugins without configuring and modifying the core of the Platform. This allows you to exploit fully customised offering adapted to your needs and existing ecosystem.

Challenge #3

Build custom web and mobile application that suit your end-users - To accelerate time to market, you need to choose a future-proof IoT platform designed to help you in developing all custom web and mobile apps. This way you can focus on solving the business challenges which put the company ahead of its competition, instead of spending time redeveloping features and functionalities.

WolkAbout Solution

Comprehensive Developer Materials

WolkAbout comprehensive developer materials allow you to develop your custom IoT solution on top of WolkAbout IoT Platform fast. For starters, its complete functionality is exposed through programming interfaces (APIs), which can be used in your own applications and in your own devices. What’s more, WolkAbout IoT Platform is designed to help in developing all custom web and mobile apps that can securely control and manage your product through SDKs and client libraries.

Make IoT Simple with WolkAbout

Challenge #4

Speed up the time to reach proof of concept - The process of building IoT hardware and software comes with risks at many levels. Technology limitations, cost overruns and project delays are just some of the challenges you need to deal with on this journey. This is why rapid IoT prototyping is crucial in reducing costs and time-to-market. It enables the development team to determine whether they are heading in the right direction at the beginning of the process, so they can take the best possible output to the market. Finally, you also need to plan how to rapidly move from development to production.

WolkAbout Solution

Out-of-the-Box Tools

For customers looking for even faster time to market, we also offer an integrated and white-labelled suite of web and mobile applications - WolkReact - that comes out-of-the-box with WolkAbout IoT Platform licence. It provides much of the functionality needed to jump-start the IoT solution and help you manage Platform functionalities with simple clicks and drag and drops.

Built on top of WolkWeb SDK, WolkReact uses modern browser concepts, including a sleek, intuitive design and streamlined workflows, giving you the ability to manage and monitor your ecosystem and ensure its operability in real time.

Plus, our ready-made simulators help you understand a system’s behaviour without actually testing it in the real world. Useful insights in this phase save a huge amount of time and eliminate the risk of mistakes in the production.

Finally, we also offer a free trial available at which enables you to safely prototype and figure out what is going to work or not before buying the Platform licence.

Challenge #5

Predict the costs and optimise spending - Strong pricing capabilities play a major role when getting started with the digital transformation process. For starters, building an IoT project on top of Platform as a Service may lead to complexity and total cost uncertainty at scale. The widespread PaaS adoption is being blocked because cloud architects can’t wrap their minds around reliable cost estimation. On the other hand, building your IoT solution on top of Platform as a Product can help you leverage the full potential of usage-based billing aimed at your customers.

WolkAbout Solution

Transparent Pricing

WolkAbout IoT Platform is available as a product, which enables you to calculate the total cost of ownership easily. It’s a one-off cost without hidden fees or complex calculations. The best part: this allows you to build IoT products and services with usage-based pricing without continually paying fees to a PaaS provider. In this way, you no longer have to deal with complicated estimations of daily or yearly expenses including payment per connected devices, added users, sent messages, sent API requests and more.

Avoid lock-in. Scale as much as you want, as fast as you want without being charged additionally.

Kick-Start Your Digitalisation Process Today!

With all these components in one Platform, you can reduce complexity and start building an IoT project that makes sense from the very beginning to the very end.

Leverage the simplicity of WolkAbout IoT Platform and turn your IoT vision into reality. Get started for free.

About WolkAbout

WolkAbout is one of the pioneering Industrial Internet of Things companies aimed at simplifying your digital transformation in an increasingly connected world. Our innovative spirit, deep industry insights and unmatched IoT technology expertise are the foundation of everything we do. We’ve built a complete IoT application enablement platform and user-friendly tools to allow system integrators, product and service providers to develop and rapidly bring industrial-grade IoT applications to market.


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