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Digital Transformation in a Nutshell (3/3): WolkAbout Core Values

Digital Transformation in a Nutshell (3/3): WolkAbout Core Values

In the previous two articles, we answered some of the questions you came across when starting your digital transformation journey, and shed some light on the role WolkAbout IoT Platform plays in digitizing your processes and products.

Now, you’re thinking:

“But, what separates WolkAbout from the competition?”

Well, our key value propositions make WolkAbout IoT Platform the right choice to make your first steps towards digital transformation.

To name a few, WolkAbout IoT Platform is:

  • Platform as a Product - Put simply, once you buy the Platform instance, you own it and have complete control over your business ecosystem.
  • Transparent - As it is available through a perpetual licence, there are no hidden costs or complex calculations. You can scale without having to worry about the number of users, connected devices, or generated messages and API requests.
  • Fast and simple - Rapid prototyping is enabled with a free trial and out-of-the-box client apps, open APIs, libraries and SDKs.
  • Non-limiting - It provides you with the freedom to select deployment option, a cloud vendor, a device maker and a communication protocol. Multiple deployment configurations are available to suit your needs, including a typical cloud option, an on-premises solution with cloud-like capabilities or even as a hybrid option.
  • Secure and GDPR compliant - We are using best practices for information security management processes. Entire WolkAbout IoT Platform is covered by an SSL/TLS stack to provide maximum security in the Cloud.
  • Industry-ready - It is prepared for ultra-reliability, availability, latency & high data throughput.
  • Fully supported - We are offering flexible support with a twenty-four-hour response time on all customer enquiries. Additional services are also available (247 support, training and consulting services).

Built from the ground up to make IoT simple, secure and scalable, WolkAbout IoT Platform enables you to rapidly create complete applications for the smart, connected world and, most importantly, to preserve your independence.


Get Hands-On Experience with WolkAbout IoT Platform

As you continue your journey towards digital transformation, avoid investing too much time and running in circles trying to find the best solution. Instead, use our market-proven WolkAbout IoT Platform to rapidly develop powerful IoT applications and control your business ecosystem.

We’re committed to helping you take control of your digital future.


Want to find out more details about how WolkAbout can help you deliver your IoT solution? Feel free to contact us.


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