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On-premises Deployment: Maximum Efficiency & Higher Level of Privacy

On-premises Deployment: Maximum Efficiency & Higher Level of Privacy

Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things and its promise of disrupting not only industries, but also global economy and society. In this era, one of the main concerns for every company that wants to start digital transformation is to select the right partners in their journey. The most challenging decision is, of course, choosing an IoT platform provider, since the platform represents the layer of the IoT stack which provides core IoT functionalities, like device, data and user management, as well as logic to the whole solution. It is more than obvious that this layer is critical for the successful digital transformation process, and that companies need a lot of time to develop and test it. That’s why they should rely on partners with accumulated experience and expertise in this specific domain. The perfect choice should be an IoT platform which would ensure a quick start of the digital transformation process without requiring a lot of additional work to the customer development teams or system integrators.

Following the Customer development model, the WolkAbout team has recognised this need and developed a secure, scalable and reliable suite of backend software and databases, named WolkAbout IoT Platform. What makes this platform unique is its ‘platform as a product’ business model, which ensures the highest level of clients’ independence and privacy. Moreover, with WolkAbout IoT Platform customers have the assurance of operating with a platform which is transparent for customer’s team and easy to set up and manage. It provides full developers support and complete freedom of deployment: the customers can choose whether they want to deploy the Platform in the private or public cloud, or on their premises.

WolkAbout team obtains the best practices to help companies in defining the IT landscape for deployment that fits the most, without compromising performance, scalability and flexibility. This way, customers can choose the deployment model for their typical business scenario, which fully meets their business needs, time and resources. For example, on-premises deployment is the optimal solution for companies that want maximum control, while deployment in the cloud offers accelerated time to value. With different deployment options that WolkAbout IoT Platform offers, companies can go with public, private, or hybrid cloud and then scale from a single virtual machine to enterprise-grade cluster.

Understanding the importance of meeting scalability and security requirements when installing and configuring an IoT platform on premises, WolkAbout developed an easy-to-use approach. The only system requirements are minimum 2 GB of system memory (recommendation is at least 4 GB), 30 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space, Internet access and Linux or Windows OS. WolkAbout team uses VirtualBox software, where an image is imported, which represents the entire set up of WolkAbout IoT Platform. This approach enables setting up an instance of WolkAbout IoT Platform on premises in just a few minutes and doesn’t require the additional expertise of a customer’s team.

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