Everything Your Business Needs
for the Most Successful Digitalisation

As a strategic partner, WolkAbout provides an industry-proven IIoT platform and all services you need to drive your digitalisation forward


Perfect for Both
Product and Service

Build digital applications of any scale, from proprietary in‑house solutions to large-scale, multi-client, global service offerings. Get proven results in weeks instead of years.

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Whether you’re an enterprise focused on an internal digital transformation or an OEM tapping into new market opportunities, we can help you digitise your business within 5 to 25 weeks. With our support, you can easily start with a proof of concept, enter the market quickly with an MVP, and operate your digital offerings in a scalable and secure manner.

WolkAbout IoT Platform is our key to enabling innovation.

It is a secure, extensible and technology-agnostic basis on which we, our customers and our partners can build a broad range of digital projects, products, and services. Built to address the typical requirements of industrial transformation, WolkAbout IoT Platform includes a complete set of must-have capabilities, without third-party dependencies.

Our unique Platform as a Product (PaaP) gives you complete control over your future costs and allows you to build any business model you like.
You can even build product-as-a-service offerings without recurring payments to a PaaS provider.

The synergy of our industry-proven IoT platform, help from our digitalisation experts and complementary skills of our partners will get your digital solution to market faster.

Get around 80% of Software Your Digital Solution Needs

Don’t reinvent the wheel -- the heavy lifting has already been done! Focus on building apps instead of infrastructure. Use market-proven WolkAbout IoT Platform to simplify industrial device connections and rapidly develop powerful IIoT applications.

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Support through
All Stages of Industrial

Integrate sensors, legacy and modern machines, gateways, facilities and entire systems. Obtain a holistic, unified view of your enterprise.

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Connect & manage


Connecting and managing machines, sensors and gateways

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Collecting, storing and analysing large volumes of IoT data

Connect & manage


Creating digital representations of physical devices

Connect & manage


Visualising data from diverse sources within one dashboard

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Driving automation through real-time data and business logic

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Achieving secure role-based access control

Connect & manage


Complying with security and privacy requirements

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Developing custom and integrating third-party applications

Different Approach to Building
Intelligent Industrial Solutions

Simplify your digital transformation journey. Adopt a fast, efficient and cost-effective approach to your digital application development.

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Be prepared for ultra-reliability, scalability, low-latency and high data throughput. Ensure interoperability and immediate availability of data in heterogeneous manufacturing systems.

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Connect any device, with any protocol, over any network. Deploy solution on-premises, in any public or private cloud, or as a multi-layered hybrid. Integrate with brownfield infrastructure and enterprise applications.

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Choose among the set of separate yet integrated platform modules. Exploit a highly customised offering that is adapted to your needs and existing ecosystem.

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Calculate the total cost of ownership easily. Scale without worrying about hidden fees or complex calculations (number of users, devices, messages, API requests).

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Enjoy a brief learning curve. Prototype rapidly with a free trial. Cruise from pilots to enterprise-scale solutions using pre-built client apps, developer tools and extensive documentation.

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Keep your ecosystem secure and data safe with a robust and proven security model. Benefit from strict privacy standards that fully comply with GDPR requirements.

Partners Turn Ingredients
End-to-End Solutions

We are continuously expanding our Partnership network by collaborating with the top industry players with complementary skills and knowledge. Thanks to our synergy, we are paving the way for successful implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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