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Secure, Scalable and Smart Internet of Things Cloud


WolkAbout Smart IoT Cloud enables rapid development of customised IoT applications. It is designed to be easily deployed and maintained, packed with the latest in IoT technology, and completely independent from the third- party cloud services.

WolkAbout Smart IoT Cloud follows the concept of modules - logical and operational parts with their own functional roles. This is proved to be very important during the implementation of the IoT application. Already developed hardware and software elements can be combined and customised to make a perfect match that will fit customer needs.

Starting to develop a complex IoT application from scratch usually needs 9-12 months to reach final stage, with most of the time spent on finding a proper technology stack. With WolkAbout Smart IoT Cloud - solution can be up and running in a much shorter period - required time is reduced to 3-4 months.

WolkAbout Smart IoT Cloud is designed to ease the process of Mobile and Web data monitoring and development of data management apps.